This is me, my family, my history.
I have grown up in Barcelona, city where I still live and love.
Always travelling, always with my camera close to me. 
First alone, jumping from Chile to India,  from México to Japan. Then Maria joined and now little Petra and our puppy Wokiee follow us too.

I have to say that we made a good team, we love breakfast, the Pirinees, cold water, our old campervan and being lazy on the couch all equally.

For me, photography is a way of life. It has helped me to know other cultures, to find myself in situations that without  the camera in front of me they would'nt been possible, and above all, to know me more ... it is being an incredible trip, sometimes hard and even harder others, but always worth.
I've met fascinating people, and I hope I will meet you too.

I have been shooting photos and videos for more than 10 years, during this time I have realized the importance of the connection between us: photographer and photographed. That's why I invite you to meet me, to tell me your story ... The great photos happen when there is a connection, a trust and an authentic mutual sympathy.

I like to portray the things that happen at a wedding, those details that make it your own. 
Your emotions, your gestures, the dance, the wine, the flowers, the grimaces ... These details belong to your day and your history.